Every day, wholesalers, hospitals, pharmacies and patients receive their medicines and medical devices via the temperature-controlled transport of Brocacef Healthcare Logistics (BHL) in the Benelux. TEVA has been a customer from the very beginning. The collaboration started twenty-five years ago. Marco Groot (Supply Chain Cluster Lead Benelux & Nordics) and Jolieke Mendrik (Patient Solutions Manager Benelux) of TEVA explain why this collaboration means a lot to them.

Customer- and solution-oriented

Due to the strong growth of TEVA's generic business, the need arose to work with a partner in warehousing and distribution. As a specialized service provider in supply chain solutions for medicines and medical devices, BHL proved to be able to completely unburden this by offering a total solution. Marco: "We experience the collaboration as very pleasant, good and constructive," he says. “We see each other every six weeks. Then we evaluate the past period on the basis of KPIs set by us. Based on this, we work together on an even better collaboration."

Brocacef switches quickly, which is a considerable added value for us

From storage to repackaging and relabelling on site

The focus of the collaboration is on logistics services in the Netherlands. The RP (Responsible Person) from BHL has also been taking care of the release of goods (market release). "Brocacef ensures that our products are stored and transported at the right temperature. Our opiates are stored in an opiate vault. The organisation also takes care of the destruction of rejected products or products that have expired. Gradually, it will play a greater role in reprocessing actions, such as repackaging and relabelling of secondary packaging on site. We know each other well and Brocacef switches quickly; That's a considerable added value for us."

Reinforcing each other

In addition to its logistics services, TEVA is currently working with Brocacef Healthcare Services (BHS) on a patient support program for a migraine drug. The programme has been drawn up for a new class of medicines, which is not yet reimbursed in the Netherlands.

"We decided to set up an early access program for people who suffer from severe and frequent (more than eight days a month) migraines and do not achieve positive results with other medications. This allows these patients to regain control of their lives. With the program, we want to maximize therapy adherence – and thus the effectiveness of the drug," says Jolieke, who works closely with BHS on the program. "Brocacef thought along with us from the start of the program – including when drawing up the protocols for the nurses. With the flexibility and hand-on mentality of BHS and years of experience of both our organizations, we strengthened each other enormously in this process."

This allows these patients to regain control of their lives

Specialist nurses

The professional BIG registered nurses of Brocacef who now visit the patients make the difference. Jolieke: "All praise for the team of very committed, experienced and enthusiastic nurses. They have specialist knowledge of the medicine and the area of indication, so they can provide personal, specialist care at the patients' homes. The fact that BHS is part of a large group – which we also know well – played a role in our choice for this party. Brocacef gives us a sense of confidence. This is important for such a large project. The success of our collaboration is also evident from the first feedback from patients: they rate the support program with an 8.9 (on a scale of 1-10). "

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