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As a pharmaceutical company or manufacturer, you want to make your products available at the right location at the right time. A reliable and high-quality supply chain partner is essential in this regard. As a logistics service provider, Brocacef Healthcare Logistics (BHL) has been providing warehousing and GDP transport for more than 30 years. We provide services to all sectors within the healthcare sector: pharmaceuticals (Rx, biotech, opiates, cytostatics), over-the-counter products and medical devices. Brocacef Group is also part of PHOENIX Group, European market leader in 3PL, wholesale and retail of pharmaceutical products and active in 29 European countries.

Logistics arranged from A to Z

At Brocacef Healthcare Logistics, efficiency, quality, safety and sustainability are paramount. We can offer our customers services from warehousing and transport to reporting and financial management. Our logistics professionals ensure that the entire process runs smoothly from start to finish. Whether it's standard processes or customization for specific products: Brocacef ensures that your products are delivered to your customers on time and safely.

Whether that concerns standard processes or customization for specific products: Brocacef ensures that your products are delivered to your customers on time and safely so that your product is available to the patient or consumer as quickly as possible. As part of the Brocacef Group, we comply with the standards of ISO 27001 and 9001.

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Services of Brocacef Healthcare Logistics


In order to be able to unload and load without delay, we use a slot booking system. This allows us to process all cargo data in advance and reserve a dock.
As soon as your products arrive at our warehouse, we carry out a quality check according to GDP standards. We check, among other things, the seal, hygiene, temperature and paperwork. Of course, we will share our findings with you.


We store your medicines and medical devices safely and in our GDP warehouse. We make sure the temperature is right (ambient and cool). We monitor your stock via cyclecounts.

Order fulfillment

In our warehouse, we prepare your products for transport according to the agreements. Whether those are pallets, boxes or single units. We understand that an order, such as a backorder, is sometimes urgent. That is why you can place an order with us 24/7, so that your product is available to the patient or consumer as soon as possible.


We supply medicines and medical devices to wholesalers, hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, retailers in the Netherlands and Europe. Brocacef transports your products safely and on time with temperature-controlled transport.

Reverse logistics

Processing returns and carrying out destruction. Will your products be returned? Brocacef can process a return through recalls, batch control and claims handling.

Financial services

The order-to-cash team takes care of your finances. According to the price agreements you have made with customers, we take care of the invoices and the handling of debtors and creditors. This can be done in euros, but also in all other currencies.

GMP services

Brocacef is GMP certified and can repackage your medicines or medical devices such as repackaging, stickering or replacing a leaflet.

QA services

We can carry out various quality assurance activities for you, such as inspections and market release preparation.

One central location: our warehouse in Ede

Through our own transport network, we deliver medicines and medical devices to wholesalers, pharmacies, healthcare institutions, hospitals, laboratories and retailers on a daily basis. We do this from our new warehouse in Ede, which is over 28000 m2 in size. Our location has the BREEAM excellent certificate for sustainability. As a healthcare company, sustainability is important to us. That is why our aim is for the business operations of Brocacef and BENU to be completely CO2 neutral by 2030. This means, among other things, an energy-efficient head office, warehouse, transport and distribution process.

Brocacef Healthcare Services: tailor-made patient support programs
Are you looking for a national pharmacy with experience in the organization and implementation of care programs such as early access, clinic trials or administration and instruction of specialist medicines? Brocacef Healthcare Services offers tailor-made care programs, with which we contribute to the accessibility of medicines, better medication safety and higher adherence. And all this in the patient's familiar environment.

More information about BHS tailor-made patient support programs

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