200 years of experience and entrepreneurship

Our organisation represents over 200 years’ worth of experience in the healthcare industry and entrepreneurship. In 1798, Willem Brocades founded his pharmacy in Meppel. He soon started manufacturing products and preparations for neighbouring pharmacies, and then expanded his range with bandages, plasters and medical tools, so as to respond to every need in the market as best he could. He had a pioneering spirit and was able to envision how the various cares surrounding the matter of healthcare could be taken care of.

Many partnerships and business expansions later, Brocacef Group is now part of the German PHOENIX Group (100% shareholdership). We work with and for pharmacies, hospitals, general practitioners, nursing homes, suppliers, healthcare insurers and private individuals.
Board of Brocacef Group

Board of Brocacef Group

On the photograph, from left to right: Jordi Gernaert (Group Director ICT & digital), Arno Lepoutre (Group Director Operations & logistics), Bart Tolhuisen (CFO), Peter de Jong (CEO), Maximilian Wachter (Group Director Wholesale), Paméla Peters (Group Director Omnichannel) en Bastiaan Princée (Group Director Wholesale commerce ).
Organization chart Brocacef Group

Present throughout the whole pharmaceutical chain

Brocacef operates throughout the entire pharmaceutical chain, lending us a unique position in the Dutch pharmaceutical healthcare industry. We are the uncontested market leader in our field.

In the corporate market, we service a large range of healthcare providers, from pharmacies and dispensing general practitioners to hospitals, care homes, and nursing homes, and from pharmaceutical manufacturers to veterinarians.

In the consumer market, we operate across the country, always close to the consumer thanks to our chain of 340 BENU pharmacies. With our BENU brand, we are able to provide consumers with access to pharmaceutical care via multiple channels, via our own pharmacies, partner pharmacies, and BENU Direct. Our range consists of medication, medical bandaging materials and tools, self-care products, dermo-cosmetics, (pharmaceutical) care support and nursing care at home. We also manufacture LIVSANE, our own extensive line of self-care products.

We focus on people and their healthcare needs

There are many different ways to work together to provide clever, personal and accessible care. The Brocacef Group always offers services that will help you get ahead. We look beyond the surface of a prescription of medication and focus on people’s healthcare needs first and foremost; from that starting point, we look at ways to set up the care process optimally so as to best satisfy these needs. We do so via close collaboration with our co-workers within the Brocacef Group and our partners and clients alike. 

Creating growth with comprehensive solutions

European legislation places increasingly stringent requirements on the pharmaceutical industry. Comprehensive solutions are a necessity, while prices remain under constant pressure. In response, PHOENIX GROUP has developed a complete service package, PHOENIX All-in-one.

Our added-value services create growth, increase turnover, reduce costs and optimise processes. This joint approach ensures success for both parties involved.

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